UK – nr Colchester

23rd & 24th February 2019

What is Space for Connection?

Space for Connection is an event inspired by simplicity and the desire to bring together those who recognise the potential of a gentle and exploratory weekend of conversation, reflection and companionship.

Based on five wonderful previous events we know this is an ideal ground for new ideas to effortlessly appear – as we freely explore the Principles articulated by Sydney Banks and share our experiences, hopes and plans, make new connections and new friends.

An agenda-less event? How does that work?

Primarily by simply creating a safe and relaxed space that invites our innate capacities to flourish.

There is no template that can beat an open space for natural learning, the experience of profound shifts, the deep feeling of oneness and there is no reason to to doubt our flow of creativity and inspiration, moment to moment, brought to this weekend with love.

During this weekend we can deepen our own understanding by being part of a conversation that has, as a given, an understanding of the profound nature of the Principles. We can create new links with each other, offer and gain support, share our experiences and expertise and strengthen our position through new collaborations.

Places are limited to 25 to allow time for everyone to meet each other in a relaxed and unhurried way.

Who is it for?

  • You may be in the business of sharing your understanding of the Principles; wish to hang out in a space where we have in common, a desire to spread this understanding as widely as possible in order to effect the transformations in individuals, communities, society, families, education … that we know is possible.
  • You may just have a sense of the potency of being together with others who are enjoying their lives differently with an on-going deepening of The Three Principles;  you want to explore  the simplicity of connection with others, the deep innate feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and you don’t mind keeping it light, fun and full of laughter.
  • You may have heard about Space for Connection from someone else and aren’t sure why you would benefit from such a seemingly playful weekend but nevertheless feel curious. If this is true,how about letting curiosity go in front of intellect, it worked wonders in our early years.
  • You may have no idea what the Three Principles are about and want to join a group of people who are hanging out with no agenda and that really appeals to you – having no formal teaching and by osmosis you will catch on.

What the weekend looks like…

Here is a loose description of when we will be together ‘in the room’ for conversations as well as ‘options time’ for you to choose what is most appealing to you in the moment.

This is the true essence of Space for Connection – unhurried, untaught, unpressured – full of a loving sense of our shared humanity.

First Conversation 10.00am–12.30pm
Lunch 12.30–2.00pm
Afternoon Options 2.00–4.30pm free for walking, time for a swim/spa, relax with friends or alone
Second Conversation 4.30–6.30pm
Dinner 7.00pm

First conversation 10am–12.30pm
Sunday Lunch 12.30–2.00pm
Afternoon Options 2.00–4.30pm free for walking, time for a swim/spa, relax with friends or alone
Second Conversation 4.30–6.30pm
Free to stay and continue conversations or leave for home.

(Dinner will be at lunchtime today so a light tea can be served in time for those who prefer to leave a little earlier.)

Ticket inludes

  • One night’s accommodation in private room – Sat 23rd February [also see Extras below]
  • Two days’ full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Morning refreshments on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am
  • Full use of hotel’s essential gym, pool and spa
  • Organised afternoon activity for those who want an outing together

Available extras

  • Additional nights at the hotel can be booked independently at reduced SfC rate by request to sue@spaceforconnection

The Location

Marks Tey Best Western Hotel is highly convenient being within walking distance to the railway station with fast links to London and a Stansted airport coach stop. For previous events we have always enjoyed warm hospitality, good food and comfortable accommodation.

It is also close to a number of lovely woodland and open country walking trails. It is ten minutes from both historic Colchester town and the picturesque village of Coggeshall hamlet.

[Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel accommodation.]


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Booking Terms & Conditions

In the event that you are unable to attend the event the following cancellation fees/conditions apply:

  • You may transfer your ticket to someone else at any time by sending an email with details of that person to (subject to a 10% administration charge)
  • Cancellation within 60 days of event = no refund
  • In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances requiring the organizer to cancel the event you will be given as much notice as possible and either a free transfer to another event date or a full refund of fees paid. If the time, date and details of the event are changed subsequent to your booking, you will be notified and given the option to cancel your booking. The organizer shall not be liable for any additional loss or damage resulting from such cancellation or changes.

Agreement & Release:

  • I confirm that I participate in this event Space for Connection of my own free will and that I take full responsibility for my own well-being at all times.
  • I confirm that I am in full good health and that I am fit to participate in this event.
  • I understand that if I am currently undergoing any form of treatment from a physician, psychiatrist or psychologist which may affect my event experience that it is my responsibility to inform said persons and obtain their agreement that I am fit to participate in the Space for Connection event.

I agree that I have carefully read and completely understood all the above terms and by booking this event along with any fees paid to Space for Connection constitute a full and binding agreement to the above terms and conditions.

Mad Hatter Ticket

£175 [available until December 16th]

Regular Ticket


Day Delegate Ticket

£65 per day

Sue Pankiewicz

Sue Pankiewicz

nr Colchester, UK

Sue had the great good fortune to discover the work of Sydney Banks in 2005 which led to a year-long facilitator training with Dr Roger Mills and several opportunities to learn from Mr Banks in person.  She continued to develop her understanding with many other wonderful three principles practitioners.

Sue’s new quietness of mind, joy and greater ease arrived after years of tiring self-discovery, self-help whilst over-thinking her life and relationships. This had been frustrating and at best only offered limited relief. Learning about the principles behind the  ‘human operating system’ revealed that the only thing that had ever stood between Sue and her longed-for life was wonderfully simple - requiring neither study nor analysis. Best of all was naturally rediscovering fun, light heartedness and freedom.

For the past twelve years Sue has shared this understanding widely in diverse settings including teaching and mentoring individuals and groups, hosting home based retreats and introducing the principles in schools to pupils and staff.

Along with her business partner and friend Sheela Masand she launched The Viva Event in 2015, now an annual, much-loved, international event. Sue co-designed and organised the original Space for Connection weekends and is very pleased to be part of the next generation, which now sees events in Spain and Germany.

Marks Tey Hotel, Colchester

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