Albir, Spain

27th & 28th April 2019

After 5 successful Space for Connection retreats in the UK and the first ever in Spain, it’s time to do it again!  The next Spanish Space for Connection is ready to rumble!

What is Space for Connection?

A coming together of hearts and minds over a 2 day period. The intention is to create a space where connections crystallize at the heart-level, and where inspiration and magic occur. It’s the safe space of being with like-minded people who speak the same language and who all aim for the same ……. to feel connected and become inspired……

Have you ever been to a course where you have benefited as much in the break times as you have in the training room through conversations and connections with peers?  We have too and that is where Space for Connection comes into its own.  It’s like one long break!

The only “real” guidelines will be around the food and drink ie, refreshment times and meal times.  Apart from that we will be guided in the moment by Mind and what comes through us.

Who is it for?

  • You may be in the business of sharing your understanding of the Principles; wish to hang out in a space where we have in common, a desire to spread this understanding as widely as possible in order to effect the transformations in individuals, communities, society, families, education … that we know is possible.
  • You may just have a sense of the potency of being together with others who are enjoying their lives differently with an on-going deepening of The Three Principles;  you want to explore  the simplicity of connection with others, the deep innate feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and you don’t mind keeping it light, fun and full of laughter.
  • You may have heard about Space for Connection from someone else and aren’t sure why you would benefit from such a seemingly playful weekend but nevertheless feel curious. If this is true,how about letting curiosity go in front of intellect, it worked wonders in our early years.
  • You may have no idea what the Three Principles are about and want to join a group of people who are hanging out with no agenda and that really appeals to you – having no formal teaching and by osmosis you will catch on.

Why come to something with no specific agenda?

There is no template that can beat an open space for natural learning, the experience of profound shifts, the deep feeling of oneness and there is no reason to to doubt our flow of creativity and inspiration, moment to moment, brought to this weekend with love.

During this weekend we can deepen our own understanding by being part of a conversation that has, as a given, an understanding of the profound nature of the Principles. We can create new links with each other, offer and gain support, share our experiences and expertise and strengthen our position by having an overview of what is happening Europe-wide and beyond.

Places are limited to 30 to allow time for everyone to meet each other in a relaxed and unhurried way.

Schedule (loose and flexible)

Saturday: 10am-1.30pm and 6pm-8pm

Sunday: 10am-1.30pm and 6pm-8pm

Long afternoon breaks are built into the schedule so that you can take advantage of the sunshine and local scenery. These breaks are still “space for connection” since many will want to stay together and walk, chat, have tea and generally enjoy time together.

This is the time we have scheduled to be in the room AND we are free to do as we please – the room is our base-camp.

Since most participants will be around on Friday evening, there will be a gathering in the hotel pre-dinner, details will be shared once registered.

What’s included in the price

  • Two nights’ accommodation in private room – 27th and 28th April [also see Extras below]
  • Two days’ full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Morning coffee break (a.k.a. ‘feast’!) on Saturday and Sunday at 11.30am
  • Full use of hotel’s essential gym facilities and pool
  • Organised afternoon activity for those who want to stay together – eg, walk to Altea, afternoon tea in a local café, etc.
  • Yoga or Pilates at 8-9am

Available extras

  • Additional nights at the hotel can be added at a very special delegate rate – by request to Sheela
  • Massage and/or reflexology

The Location

ALBIR is a beautiful coastal town on the Costa Blanca. The World Health Organisation has confirmed what many people had believed for years, namely that the Costa Blanca is one of the healthiest areas of the world in which to live. This isn’t surprising to those people who know the region. The Costa Blanca has an excellent year round climate. The humidity is relatively low, and therefore ideal for sufferers of arthritis and other climatically influenced health problems, and for those with an unhealthy bank account, the reasonable prices in the local cafés and restaurants don’t sting much either.

Albir’s beach has continually received the coveted European Union Blue Ribbon award annually since 2001. Our venue, the HOTEL ROBER PALAS is just a 10 minute walk to the beach and less than 5 minute walk to the local shops, cafés and restaurants. The famous lighthouse walk is only 15 minutes walk to the starting point.

Local airport
The local airport is ALICANTE which is only 63km from Albir. You will find many of the no frills airlines fly into Alicante at very reasonable prices.

Transfer to Albir
There are several companies that offer a shuttle service from Alicante airport to Albir. The one we know offering a door to door service (airport to hotel) is BeniConnect. They have a ‘normal’ and an ‘express’ service. Express costs €16 each way and guarantees a maximum of 4 stops – meaning a transfer of approximately 50 minutes. The normal service costs approx €8 each way – and can take up to 2 hours depending on drop offs and pick ups. You must book 24 hours ahead of time.

There is a bus that runs from Alicante airport to Benidorm (the next town down the coast) for approx €9.50 where you can pick up a local bus to Albir for under €2.

Taxis are always available at the airport and cost €90.


Regular Ticket

Includes 2 nights’ accommodation at Hotel Rober Palas with full board status for one person plus 2 days’ participation at Space for Connection.

€249 (+ 21% VAT)  = €301.29

Regular Ticket
Regular Ticket
Price: €249.00

If you would prefer to pay in instalments, please contact Sheela to arrange this at:  sheela[at]

Sheela Masand

Sheela Masand

Costa Blanca, Spain

Sheela Masand works with small businesses, leaders, coaches and solopreneurs around the world from Israel to Canada, and Russia to the USA.  She has over 9 years’ experience coaching and working globally both as a business coach and a life coach and the last 5 years organising events in Spain and online.

Sheela loves to help people do what they love to do; this takes the form of coaching them to grow their businesses and practices. Very recently she has been drawn to creating more events in her local area as she witnesses the transformations happening in the room for participants.  This was actually a big insight she had at the last retreat she organised for Jack and Gabriela.

She has been organising retreats and training courses in Spain since 2012 for teachers such as Jack Pransky, Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Ami Chen Mills.  She is also the co-founder and co-organizer of The Viva Event, an annual gathering in Albir comprising a medley of 3 Principle teachings, conversations, lots of fun and laughter, dancing and surprises, but above all, loving connections.

Space for Connection was a partial template for The Viva Event – particularly the conversations, fun and laughter. 

Sheela has 2 beautiful daughters and is eagerly looking forward to the wedding of her first born in September!

Rober Palas, Albir

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