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Sue Pankiewicz

Sue Pankiewicz

nr Colchester, UK

Sue had the great good fortune to discover the work of Sydney Banks in 2005 which led to a year-long facilitator training with Dr Roger Mills and several opportunities to learn from Mr Banks in person.  She continued to develop her understanding with many other wonderful three principles practitioners.

Sue’s new quietness of mind, joy and greater ease arrived after years of tiring self-discovery, self-help whilst over-thinking her life and relationships. This had been frustrating and at best only offered limited relief. Learning about the principles behind the  ‘human operating system’ revealed that the only thing that had ever stood between Sue and her longed-for life was wonderfully simple - requiring neither study nor analysis. Best of all was naturally rediscovering fun, light heartedness and freedom.

For the past fourteen years Sue has shared this understanding widely in diverse settings including teaching and mentoring individuals and groups, hosting home based retreats and introducing the principles in schools to pupils and staff.

Along with her business partner and friend Sheela Masand she launched The Viva Event in 2015, now an annual, much-loved, international event. Sue co-designed and organised the original Space for Connection weekends and is very pleased to be part of the next generation, which now sees events in Spain and Germany.

Sheela Masand

Sheela Masand

Costa Blanca, Spain

Sheela Masand works with small businesses, leaders, coaches and solopreneurs around the world from Israel to Canada, and Russia to the USA.  She has over 9 years’ experience coaching and working globally both as a business coach and a life coach and the last 5 years organising events in Spain and online.

Sheela loves to help people do what they love to do; this takes the form of coaching them to grow their businesses and practices. Very recently she has been drawn to creating more events in her local area as she witnesses the transformations happening in the room for participants.  This was actually a big insight she had at the last retreat she organised for Jack and Gabriela.

She has been organising retreats and training courses in Spain since 2012 for teachers such as Jack Pransky, Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Ami Chen Mills.  She is also the co-founder and co-organizer of The Viva Event, an annual gathering in Albir comprising a medley of 3 Principle teachings, conversations, lots of fun and laughter, dancing and surprises, but above all, loving connections.

Space for Connection was a partial template for The Viva Event – particularly the conversations, fun and laughter. 

Sheela has 2 beautiful daughters and is eagerly looking forward to the wedding of her first born in September!

Katja Symons

Katja Symons

Berlin, Germany

Katja Symons is from Germany and lives in Berlin. Originally trained as a holistic health practitioner she facilitates Natural Health Mentoring in English and German. She loves seeing well being re-appear naturally in clients on the emotional, mental and physical level and is passionate about the prospect to be living well and with ease in a natural flow.

When she came across the principles behind life in 2011, she was chronically ill, depressed and frustrated. When stress and emotional despair eased more and more, her physical body also recovered from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and IBS.

Seeing the potential and power of this understanding in herself and others, Katja is excited to bring this understanding to Germany and translated Jack Pransky’s Somebody Should Have Told Us! into German. She also co-created a new online platform to share this understanding wide and far in German speaking countries (

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