About Space for Connection

What is it?

A 2-day retreat where we create the space for connection, wisdom, friendship, curiosity, creativity, potential, freedom and a whole lot of fun!

Have you ever been to a course where you have benefited as much in the break times as you have in the training room through conversations and connections with peers?  We have too and that is where Space for Connection comes into its own.  

It is the perfect space to “stay in the 3P conversation” (without the presence of formal teaching) which means everything and anything is on offer! 

Each weekend has its own theme as a focal point lending itself to exploration by the group, gently facilitated by the team. 

Plus the whole weekend will be tailor made to the group.

The ‘come and go’, be in the moment space this created allowed everyone to be at ease and in touch with freedom to express themselves as things occurred – where else can any of us say this happens? In fact, this may be so foreign to normal expectations of  ‘organised events’ that it really is a case of ‘come and see for yourself’.

Who is it for?

  • You may be in the business of sharing your understanding of the Principles in order to effect the transformations in individuals, communities, society, families, education … that you know is possible.
  • You may not be looking for formal certification or accreditation, but you are looking for greater depth and deeper grounding.
  • You welcome a unique opportunity to deepen the innate feeling of being comfortable in your own skin

Why come to Space for Connection?

There is no template that can beat an open space for natural learning, the experience of profound shifts, the deep feeling of oneness and there is no reason to doubt our flow of creativity and inspiration, moment to moment, brought to these weekends with love.

During these weekends we can deepen our own understanding by being part of a conversation that has, as a given, an understanding of the profound nature of the Principles. 

Who knows what new partnerships and collaborations may form as we spend time together? 

It offers an ideal opportunity for anyone who is interested at any level to come along and experience first-hand the power and potential of this understanding.

It’s the safe space of being with like-minded people who speak the same language and who all aim for the same ……. to feel connected and become inspired……

Each time we gather in this ‘magical’ space, as a diverse group, ranging from experienced facilitators to brand new explorers, one thing is tangible and that is the feeling. The essential feeling is always of connection beyond factors of form and description; a glimpse, an insight, a realisation, both personal and universal, of what the late Sydney Banks, with his wisdom, truth and humility, gifted to the world.


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