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  • Have you been touched by the Three Principles and want to “stay in the conversation”?
  • Would you like to hang out over a long weekend with a small group of like-minded people?
  • Are you interested in creating a space for wisdom to be heard?
Join Katja, Sue and Sheela, in the Space for Connection, an ideal space to “stay in the 3P conversation” which means everything and anything is on offer!


This is an intimate, themed weekend retreat in 3 different countries each one tailor-made specifically to the group! Maxiumum 30 participants.


Each time we gather in this ‘magical’ space, as a diverse group, ranging from experienced facilitators to brand new explorers, one thing is tangible and that is the feeling. The essential feeling is always of connection beyond factors of form and description; a glimpse, an insight, a realisation, both personal and universal, of what the late Sydney Banks, with his wisdom, truth and humility, gifted to the world.

It’s now available in three countries!

Meet the founders

Sue Pankiewicz

Sue Pankiewicz

nr Colchester, UK

Sheela Masand

Sheela Masand

Albir, Spain

Katja Symons

Katja Symons

Berlin, Germany

Here’s what people say!

There’s something about the space we create that allows people to drop their ID, check for safety, find it and then flower. It’s a real gift to give to people and it’s beautiful to be part of.

Contact with like-minded souls… Helps to see the illusion in a deeper way. I recommend SfC because people can relax and feel relaxed even when they get caught up in their thinking.

Very helpful – Insight into what and who I am – A lot of understanding about the principles
– I met a lot of interesting people.

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